“Home is where your heart is!” And it is true in fact; homes are a reflection of your sense of aesthetics, living standards and organizational capabilities. They spell so much about a person’s lifespan and living styles. Thereby, you must levy your keen interest on the type of decor you choose for your homes, especially your bedroom, living room and study room on an individual level, especially with the study room window curtains.

Decorating a home according to your taste can seem little like a cumbersome procedure, and amongst all the ‘hustle and bustle’ one very common underdog which goes unnoticed is curtains for home, especially the study room curtains.


A home study room nourishes your intellectual and literary demands. It mostly is a well-organised room and ideally has a lot of natural lighting. It not only should tune up the curtain drapery with the decor of the study room, but it also should consist of cheap curtains and drapes.

study room 1

The material chosen need not be very heavy and should have a low, light absorption capacity. You definitely do not want to use blackout curtains for this room. Fabrics such as Lace, Linen and Sheer Cotton are most common names when upholstering a study room. If the room in consideration is that of a child, lightly printed fabrics having inspirational or funky cartoon prints may be also used.

Study room window curtains need to be carefully selected; not only do they provide a finishing touch to a room, but they also speak for the person’s sense of perfection. It is advised that separate rooms have separate kinds of curtains, out of which, some can be cheap curtains and drapes or the various other patterns and styles discussed for a study. The ones for a living room can contain heavy and elegant Curtain Drapery. The variations are endless.