Curtains form an important part of the decor of any home. They provide the finishing touch required to complete the aesthetic appeal to a room. Even if a lot of thoughts and elaborate decor has been put into a room, a wrong choice of the curtain can entirely spoil the appeal. Made to measure curtains provide a customized look to your rooms.


Made to measure curtains allow complete customisation options right from the type of fabric to the dimensions of cloth required to snugly fit in the masterpiece in your room whether they are bedroom curtains and drapes or simple curtain shades. These window dressings give new meaning to your living style; it describes your personality and characteristics.

Why Choose Made-to-measure Over Readymade?

A choice between readymade curtains and made to measure curtains may seem difficult to make, but it is important to remember that readymade curtains and drapes have limited customisation capabilities and may fit improperly to the space allotted for the curtain to drape.

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Bedrooms are a private repose; hence, the more customized it is the more would it be personified. Bedroom curtains and drapes should be ideally made to order as this will provide for a snug look to the appeal of the curtain and can also be customised as per requirement. A study having simple and inexpensive curtain shades can also be made to measure and the results will instantly rule out readymade curtains.

Made to measure curtains may have a large variety of fabric choices like linen, plain, semi-plain, striped, patterned, checked or may be ordered as per the theme requisites. In today’s time of endless customisation, made to measure curtains are always a smarter choice. To get more information on custom-made curtains and window curtain fabrics the UK, please AM Home & Furnishing, a premier brand of home decor and furnishing in the UK.