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Cookies help us in improving our website as they differentiate each users on our site by providing analytics about how site visitors use the website. These cookies help us to count how many visitors visit our website on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis as per our requirements and to record the flow of visitor’s navigation on our website.

Cookies on our website are not used to collect and/or record any personal or payment information for any purposes whatsoever. To know about what kind of information is used on our website, please go through our Privacy Policy.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are minute text files that consist of letters and numbers that are stored on your electronic devices such as computer and handheld devices when you access our websites. These cookies enable you to smoothly and efficiently navigate and browse through our website by recognising your devices.

Cookies help our site to recognise and remember any previous settings that you have chosen during your visit with us. These cookies are absolutely harmless to your computer and other handheld devices.

Which Cookies do we use on our website?

At, we use the following cookies:

Google Analytics Cookies: Google Analytics software generate these cookies and they enable us to view and analyse visitor information that helps us to improve browsing experience on our website. The information stored by these cookies does not show any of your personal details that may reveal our individual identity.

Site Administration Cookies: All websites requires these cookies; no website can work without them. Site administration cookies enable you to remember the products that you viewed in your previous visits on our website.

Can I block Cookies on my computer?

Yes, most web browsers automatically accept cookies, which by adjusting the system settings can be easily blocked. These minute text files are automatically issues as soon as you visit our website; thereby, by using or browsing our website, you agree to cookies that are being used in accordance to this Cookie Policy.

In case if you disagree to store cookies on your computer, you must either disable cookies from your browser settings or refrain using our website: immediately. Please bear in mind that in case of blocking website cookies you may not be able to access all or parts of our website.

Where do I find more information about Cookies?

To learn more about cookies, please visit; also please not that this is an external website that does not hold any third-party site rights of our company, website and other third party entities.